what is hospice care

What is Hospice?

The doctor has recommended hospice care. Let us help you understand why and what to expect.

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who pays for hospice care

Who pays for Hospice?

Medicare, private insurance or Medicaid. We will assist you in making financial decisions surrounding your care plan.

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how to being hospice care

How To Begin Care

Hospice Care usually begins with a recommendation from your physician. From that point we will guide you throughout the rest of the journey.

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Orlando Hospice House

Help Cornerstone Build Orlando's Only Free-Standing Hospice House


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Major Hospice Affiliation Announced


Our Cornerstone staff and volunteers are taking every precaution and following every protocol to ensure the safety of our patients and their family members.

Regarding visitors to our Inpatient Care Centers and Hospice Houses: Cornerstone is following the rules set forth by the State which includes screening to make sure no one is high-risk from any exposure to an active virus and have not experienced any symptoms.

Visitors are asked to wash their hands not touch their face. It is recommended that you bring hand sanitizer with you for the visit.

If for any reason you think you may have been exposed or have any of these symptoms, please stay home and follow your doctor's orders:

  • Sore throat
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Nausea
  • Body aches or chills

Visitors to Cornerstone Hospice patients in nursing homes or other facilities must follow the visitation rules of that particular facility/hospital.