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"This Orlando Hospice House will be a reality soon, because we will give to build this house, and we will leave a legacy of having created a beautiful place for world-class end-of-life-care."

Chuck Lee, CEO

While the "City Beautiful" offers an array of healthcare amenities, Orlando is, surprisingly, one of the few metro areas in the U.S. that does not have its own free-standing hospice house. As part of Cornerstone's mission to "deliver extraordinary care to every person we touch in every community we serve", we are embarking on this campaign to build a tastefully decorated 20-suite hospice care house with a Reflection room, an Outdoor Courtyard and numerous amenities for patients and their families.

Our expectation is that 1,200 patients and 3,500 family members will benefit from the new Orlando Hospice House each year, post-pandemic. This new house will feature:

  • 20 private, home-like patient suites with abundant natural light, large windows, private baths, lanais and Wi-Fi service.
  • Unlimited visiting hours for family and friends, with accommodation for an overnight guest. Plus, children and pets are always welcome to visit their family at Cornerstone Hospice.
  • Licensed and certified physicians, nurses and support staff, all trained not just in medical care but specifically hospice care. All will be experts in the management of pain and symptoms.
  • Social workers and chaplains who are trained in providing support to both the patient and their family
  • A Cornerstone "SALUTE" ceremony for all patients who are Veterans.
  • Community Bereavement services provided at no charge
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When our bodies hurt and our hearts ache, the place we want to be is home. But that is not always possible. Most patients prefer to remain at home when receiving hospice care but sometimes that is not the best option. Medical experts agree that Hospice Houses are a necessary component in providing the very best end-of-life care.

Those requiring acute symptom management may be forced to spend their final days in a hospital or nursing home, which can place tremendous emotional and financial strain on the patient and family.

That is why Orlando deserves a stand-alone hospice house.


The new Orlando Hospice House will be tastefully decorated as a home-like setting, providing the needed comfort and support for patients. Each of our 20 private suites will have a private bath, refrigerator, a cell phone charging station, a lanai and accommodations for an overnight guest.

Our new house will also feature a family room and cafe where family and friends will gather and unwind or to have a bite to eat.

Also, just steps away from the patient room we will offer a Reflection Room and an outdoor courtyard. These spaces will provide privacy for people to do what is important to them: to pray, talk, phone loved ones or just spend time together.


Cornerstone's new hospice house for Orlando will be located on West Kaley Avenue just off S. Orange Ave. This centralized location will place us in good proximity to the downtown Orlando hospitals with free parking and easy access to public transportation and major interstates and highways.

The Orlando Economic Partnership estimates that, by 2030, 5.2 million people will call Orlando their home. We believe that this rapid growth, along with the area's diverse population - both old and younger - necessitates that quality end-of-life care be available for all people, regardless of their ability to pay.

Being a very visible fixture in Orlando will allow us to set the stage for Cornerstone to provide even more education to local residents on what hospice care can mean for someone they love.


The new Orlando Hospice House will be a reality because you decide to make it part of your legacy to help us build it!. You may be interested in a naming opportunity or you may want to give your donation as a memorial to one of your loved ones.

If you wish to discuss how you will make your gift feel free to call Carol Felder @ 407-514-8204 or email cfelder@cornerstoneospicefoundation.org, OR, if you are ready to make a donation right now, it's easy enough. Simply click the button below.