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How to Cope with Grief

Submitted by Judy Thye, MA, LMHC, CT It is natural for people to experience sorrow and a sense of loss... View Article

Communicating Spirituality

 Click here to learn how Cornerstone Spiritual Care Program Manager, Rich Behers, communicates spirituality with non-verbal patients.

Feeling Stressed?

By Susan Datson, Ph.D., Director of Psychosocial and Spiritual Care We do important work here at Cornerstone Hospice, often under... View Article

Ask the Chaplain: Rich Behers

Ask the Chaplain: Rich Behers What do you think is most important in today’s environment to strengthen our profession as... View Article

Cornerstone SALUTES! Veterans

Cornerstone SALUTES! Cornerstone Hospice honors the services of our Veteran patients through the ‘Cornerstone SALUTES!’ program. We proudly conduct a... View Article

Youth Volunteers

Youth Volunteers Teens, ages 14 – 18, can provide companionship and encouragement to our patients; help out in our offices... View Article

Bear In Mind Program

Bear In Mind Program If you love to sew, Bear in Mind is a wonderful and rewarding project to be... View Article

Pet Peace of Mind Program

Pet Peace of Mind Program Pet Peace of Mind is a volunteer-based program designed to help keep our patients and... View Article

Bilingual Volunteers

Bilingual Volunteers Bilingual Volunteers are a necessity in our area, as we are centered in a melting pot of cultures.... View Article

Transportation Volunteers

Transportation Volunteers Our Transportation Volunteers can provide transport assistance for ambulatory patients, caregivers, or family members on an as-needed basis.... View Article