Cornerstone volunteers talk about the personal satisfaction they experience as a hospice volunteer and this may very well be the purpose you are looking for at this point in your life.

Because of the interaction you’ll have with patients there are the necessary background checks, paperwork and other items that must be completed to keep you in compliance with state and federal requirements, but we’ll walk you through it.

Next we will schedule for the training that will get you comfortable with your role of helping hospice patients. Training will be tailored to prepare you for the type of volunteer service you have selected.

The very first thing to consider is that this is a commitment to support hospice patients and those who care for them. People will be counting on you so make sure you are ready to make the commitment to training, learning and doing. Like we say, once you do, you’ll love it.

Your commitment to be a Cornerstone volunteer means:

  • Attendance at all training sessions for the type of volunteer work you want to do
  • Completion of an interview and service placement meeting
  • We love to think you will commit to at least a year of volunteer service but we work regularly with those who live here for only a part of the year.
  • Submit to our background check (no cost to you)
  • Completion of a two-step tuberculosis screening (“TST”) for volunteers who will work with patients (administered by Cornerstone Hospice – no cost)

Your first step to being a Cornerstone Volunteer is to simply download a volunteer application by clicking here.
OR, you can feel free to call us at 866-742-6655. Simply tell the operator where you live and that you want to speak to the Cornerstone Volunteer Specialist for your area. (Please note your call may go to a voice mail. If so, speak clearly and leave your name and number. Someone will soon call you back.

We are excited to know you are interested in being a part of our great group of volunteers!


Any number of opportunities await your time and talent: Visiting a patient: Give your time to a patient and their family who are dealing with end-of-life care issues. Being with our patient; talking, listening, reading or simply being there to allow their caregiver a break or to run errands is most valuable. You may also engage with family members who like talking to someone who knows what they’re going through.

Hospice Houses

Cornerstone offers care in Hospice Houses located in The Villages, Clermont, Tavares and two centers located inside Orlando Regional Medical Center downtown and in Ocoee, FL. As a Hospice House Volunteer you will be involved in support to patients, their families and our. You could be involved in being a greeter, cooking, serving or maybe companionship time for patients. In these facilities there are many opportunities for you to share yourself in service to others. Typically the shifts in these facilities are 4 hours or more if you want! 

Cornerstone SALUTES!

For this program we need volunteers who are Veterans of America’s armed forces. Cornerstone Hospice honors patients who served the USA. You’ll learn how to conduct a tailor-made pinning ceremony for our Veteran patients and their family.Each Veteran is presented with a special pin and a certificate of appreciation. Plus, our Veteran volunteers sometimes provide Veteran-to-Veteran companionship and conduct interviews for the Veterans History Project.

Office Support

Many people offer the talent of assisting in one of our Cornerstone offices (there’s one close to you!) The tasks of organizing, copying, filing, making phone calls, preparing mail outs are all part of Cornerstone’s daily effort. While it is not direct patient care, all of your tasks will be in support of some part of process that follows the care of patients. If you are good at this level, come join us.


Every week, a group of volunteers make “tuck-in” calls to patients prior to each weekend, making sure the patient has all needed medications and supplies. You’ll create a special bond with your patients who will look forward to hearing your voice.

Bereavement Support

After the death of a loved one, Cornerstone stays connected to the family with Bereavement services, generally for 13 months or longer if needed. As a Bereavement volunteer you could be making follow-up phone calls to family members or organizing a specific mailing to our families. Another talent we need is someone who will assist in our Grief support meetings or the planning for one of the several memorial services we have each year.

Community Events Volunteers

As a Community Events Volunteer you will work with our Foundaiton staff on fundraising events or with our marketing team as you work in a booth or table presentation at health fairs, nurse fairs or other events. Your time there will be to share the story of the beauty of Cornerstone hospice care and have fun doing it!

Pet Peace of Mind Program

If you love animals, this is the program for you! Pet Peace of Mind volunteers help to keep our patients and their pets together for as long as possible. In this role you would help by walking dogs, transporting pets to veterinary or grooming appointments. Or you may escort a pet to visit their owner who is in a nursing home or other facility. PLUS, through this program we can help people plan ahead for how pets will be cared for.

Bear In Mind Program

Do you love to sew? If so, Bear in Mind is a wonderful and rewarding project for your talents. Each bear is createdd with the patient in mind. You’ll create that patient’s unique bear from the material of clothing once worn by the patient. So, if you are or know a great seamstress, this is the program for you.

Transportation Volunteers

Cornerstone Transportation Volunteers provide transport assistance for ambulatory patients, caregivers, or family members on an as-needed basis. Transportation Volunteers must have proof of updated 100,000/300,000 insurance coverage.

Bilingual Volunteers

If you are a bilingual volunteer you will be called on in various situations as needed. Because this area is so diverse we frequently need volunteers to provide translations so that our patient families are comfortable about the care plan for their loved one. So step up and help the community whose lanquage you speak. Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, French and French/Creole are some of our most recent requests.

Youth Volunteers

Teenagers, ages 14 – 18, can apply to be the volunteer who provides companionship to a patient or they may help out in our offices or at community events. This allows the student to accumulate hours for the Bright Futures program but, more importantly, establishes a sense of service into their life. Something we hope continues for many years to come.

Life Enrichment Volunteers

Do you play an instrument or sing or paint or create crafts? Or do you dress and play a clown or do magic or something entertaining to others? Do you have a trained Pet Therapy animal or are you a hair stylists? Then sign up to be a Life Enrichment volunteer and share your talent with a patient or, most often, with many patients.