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5 Ways to Respond to the Orlando Shooting

5 Ways to Respond to the Orlando Shooting   At hospice we respect patients and their families.  What does that... View Article

Disturbing Observations

Disturbing Observations   I had the privilege of presenting a workshop at the Healthcare Chaplaincy Network “Caring for the Human... View Article

The Chaplain and Social Courtesies

Chaplains have a wonderful opportunity to make a positive impact and impression upon patients and their families. To do so,... View Article

Fostering Hope in Caregivers

Fostering Hope in Caregivers: A research-based article Caregivers shoulder physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual issues that for most would be... View Article

Patients’ Expectations of Chaplains: What You Need to Know

“What do patients expect of Chaplains?” This question came from a volunteer at a training event. At first, I thought... View Article