What is Hospice?

Hospice is a special concept of care you take advantage of once the doctor has determined that the focus should turn from cure to comfort.

Once Cornerstone Hospice is recommended, you will be surrounded by a team of professionals who design a plan of care that controls pain, manages symptoms and empowers you to make your choices. While the plan we create has the patient at the center of activity, it also includes educating those around you on the role of hospice in the life of your family.


Hospice is not a place, it is a type of care. People who choose Cornerstone Hospice will receive their care where they call home, whether that is the home they live in, a nursing home, assisted or other personal care home. For those who may have special circumstances, Cornerstone operates a number of Hospice Houses in the region that are staffed by hospice professionals 24/7. Click here to visit hospice houses


Each person choosing Cornerstone Hospice is supported by a specialized team. Immediately a hospice-trained physician reviews your status with your nurse to determine the best plan of care (this is a phrase you will hear often) that the nurse will present to you and any family who will be involved in your care. A social worker is at your service to help navigate the many questions you might have about things not clinical in nature. The nursing assistant will likely visit on opposite days from your nurse. You will also be introduced to chaplains/spiritual counselors, volunteers, therapists and, if desired, a bereavement counselor to talk with the family.


A person is usually recommended to Cornerstone Hospice by their primary care physician or specialist once it is agreed that comfort care is preferred over curative care. Some (but not all) of the illnesses that may be a condition for hospice care include cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's, or disease of the kidney, heart, lung or liver.

Too often the patient, the physician or the family will put off a discussion about hospice care. Hospice is covered by Medicare for patients with a terminal diagnosis of six months or
less. Studies have shown that, in some cases, timely hospice care can possibly extend
life. Do not wait too late to have the hospice conversation.

Cornerstone Hospice has been a trusted hospice-of-choice for 37 years!

what is hospice care

What is Hospice?

The doctor has recommended hospice care. Let us help you understand why and what to expect.

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who pays for hospice care

Who pays for Hospice?

Medicare, private insurance or Medicaid. We will assist you in making financial decisions surrounding our care plan.

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how to being hospice care

How To Begin Care

It usually begins with a recommendation from your physician. From that point we will guide you the rest of the journey.

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