How to Begin Care

You and your physician should be having the discussion about the progression of your disease. At the point where it is understood that no further medical treatments will change the progression, your doctor will recommend Hospice care.

Once your doctor signs off on the recommendation, you will meet a member of the Cornerstone Hospice team who will explain our services and assist you with the paperwork. This visit may take an hour or more. There are several consent forms you’ll need to fill out, similar to those you have seen when checking into the hospital.

Next up, you’ll meet your nurse who will ask for your input on the care plan. Our goal is to know and then meet your wishes and expectations.

Should your physician be reluctant to refer you to Cornerstone Hospice, you can reach out to us at 866-742-6655 and ask for a free evaluation. We will come to your home to determine if hospice is right for you. If so, we will contact your physician to give them a heads up about our visit and begin a conversation about your options.

One option may be to choose palliative care. This is a similar program of comfort care for those who are not appropriate for hospice care. The good news is that several of Cornerstone’s physicians are certified in palliative care and are ready to serve you.

Probably the most important thing to remember is that you are at the center of the discussion. Do not hesitate to question our Cornerstone team or your physician about all issues that involve you. Feel free to ask any of us about things that concern you or are not clear to you.

It’s your life. You and your family are in charge of your care.

Everything Cornerstone does is always in consultation with you and the family / friends who surround you.

Remember, have the conversation with your physician or call Cornerstone @ 1-866-742-6655

what is hospice care

What is Hospice?

The doctor has recommended hospice care. Let us help you understand why and what to expect.

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who pays for hospice care

Who pays for Hospice?

Medicare, private insurance or Medicaid. We will assist you in making financial decisions surrounding our care plan.

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how to being hospice care

How To Begin Care

It usually begins with a recommendation from your physician. From that point we will guide you the rest of the journey.

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