Who Pays for Hospice?

If you are qualified under either program, Medicare or Medicaid will pay the total cost of Cornerstone Hospice care. The coverage extends to the visits by your nurse, CNA, the social worker and even the Chaplain, if requested. In addition, many therapies are covered 100% if related to your prognosis. Also, there are many private insurance plans including company-sponsored plans that provide hospice care payments.

What is NOT covered by the hospice benefit is the room and board costs of a nursing home or other facility. The hospice care itself is covered but not the charges related to the place. That is a rate negotiated between the patient family and the facility.

PLEASE be sure and discuss all financial questions with your Cornerstone representative as you process the paperwork to choose us for your care. It is our desire for you to be fully informed and comfortable with your decision. If other payment questions arise, we have a staff of financial counselors who will be glad to answer any and all inquiries.

Since Cornerstone is a non-profit hospice, we will always work to make sure a person who needs hospice care receives it, even if they have no ability to pay. Much of that care is paid for through a program administered by the Cornerstone Hospice Foundation.

what is hospice care

What is Hospice?

The doctor has recommended hospice care. Let us help you understand why and what to expect.

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who pays for hospice care

Who pays for Hospice?

Medicare, private insurance or Medicaid. We will assist you in making financial decisions surrounding our care plan.

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how to being hospice care

How To Begin Care

It usually begins with a recommendation from your physician. From that point we will guide you the rest of the journey.

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