Glimmers of Beauty Even in Grief

Now that the holidays have passed and February stretches ahead, it can be difficult to face an uncertain future when it seems there may be little to look forward to, at least in the long run. Spring may seem far away – just as does normalcy and predictability in day to day life. However, as we look around ourselves, if we look closely, there are glimmers of color in what may appear to be a dreary landscape. The redbud trees are just starting to sprout tiny buds of purple flowers, there is an azalea bloom here and there, and cardinals and blue jays make unexpected appearances.

This is true in the minutes and hours of our lives as well. It we look closely, we can find glimmers of beauty and moments of peace and calm in what may be an otherwise bleak landscape. Watch for these glimpses of beauty and peace as you go about your day. Focus on the details – the brief moments of beauty – rather than the big picture, whenever you can and allow them to give you the strength and the resilience to continue the journey, no matter how difficult.

Susan Datson, Ph.D.
Director of Psychosocial and Spiritual Care
Cornerstone Hospice