Hospice Houses

What is a Hospice House?

There are times when a patient no longer needs to be in the hospital but for other reasons, is not suited to be at home. For that person, one of the Cornerstone Hospice houses is an option. Most likely, the Hospice House option is when a patient needs management of pain or symptoms around-the-clock.

A Cornerstone Hospice House enables patients with a limited life expectancy to live the final days of their lives in a comfortable, family-friendly environment. Patients receive the compassionate, individualized care they require in the comfort of a private room.

Patient rooms are designed to cater to the unique needs of each resident. You’ll notice extra wide doors to allow for movement of the bed or recliner.

Hospice House Locations

We have four (4) Hospice House locations in Central Florida. And, yes, there are times when a patient from outside Central Florida will desire to come to one of our hospice houses and that is acceptable. Cornerstone has Hospice Houses in Lake, Orange and Sumter counties. These houses are here, thanks to many donations from people in the community who value having such a place close to home.

Click Here to Visit the Mike Conley Hospice House
Click Here to Visit the Lane Purcell Hospice House
Click Here to Visit the Frank & Helen DeScipio House
Click Here to Visit the Villages Hospice House

Hospice House Care

Should you consider one of our Hospice Houses you find:

  • Comfortable patient rooms with room for visiting friends and family
  • A common family area that includes a refreshment area as well as quiet rooms for prayer and meditation
  • Wi-Fi
  • Visitation at any hour
  • All services including nursing, social work, counseling, Hospice physician visits, personal care, medication and supplies are provided to the patient and family, just as they are in the patient’s home.