Palliative Care

This is a relatively new phrase in healthcare. Palliative Care is not hospice care and can be a part of your treatments for a cure. It's a type of care focused on giving you relief from the chronic pain and symptoms of a serious illness.

A discussion with a Cornerstone Palliative Care physician is appropriate at any time in the process of dealing with your disease but earlier is always better. It's called setting your "goals of care" which is an outline to coordinate the care you receive from multiple doctors.

Your Palliative Care physician is the one who can take the time, and has the expertise to manage your complex symptoms. And she or he will treat you in tandem with your personal physician(s).

As part of Cornerstone's Palliative Care program you will also have access to a social worker and spiritual counselors should wish to have their assistance.

To see if you are a candidate for Cornerstone Palliative Care, feel free to call us @ 844-599-1100

Palliative Care Providers

Dr. Molly Burges

Dr. Marwa El-Menshawi (Geriatrics)

Dr. Carol Gardner

Dr. Ajit V. Hansalia

Dr. Felipe Collazo-Pagan

Dr. Michael Shapiro,​

Dr. Issa Jason Zeidan

Wendy Cuomo,  Practice Manager