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Hospice House Food Service Specialist–The Villages, FL

This position is located in the hospice house in The Villages.  This is a Saturday and Sunday part time position.... View Article

Understanding Mental and Emotional Changes in End-of-Life Individuals

While dying is a normal stage of life, death is sobering to many end-of-life individuals. Allow your dying family member... View Article

The Chaplain and Social Courtesies

Chaplains have a wonderful opportunity to make a positive impact and impression upon patients and their families. To do so,... View Article

Fostering Hope in Caregivers

Fostering Hope in Caregivers: A research-based article Caregivers shoulder physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual issues that for most would be... View Article

Glimmers of Beauty Even in Grief

Now that the holidays have passed and February stretches ahead, it can be difficult to face an uncertain future when... View Article

Strategies Caregivers Use in End-of-Life Nutrition

Some patients find that their feelings about food change while undergoing end-of-life care. They may suffer from nausea, depressio n,... View Article

How to Help Your Children Create Memories With Your Aging Parents

Your parents are getting older, and you realize they might not have much time left. While you’ve had many beautiful... View Article

Frequently Asked Questions About Volunteering in Hospice Care

father’s death, Ed decided that he wanted to lend support to other end-of-life patients and their families. Ed discovered that... View Article