Inpatient Hospice Care

When a patient no longer needs to be in the regular hospital yet still has enough issues with pain or symptoms that they are not ready to be home, Cornerstone Hospice offers the option of choosing one of our care centers located in area hospitals.

Cornerstone Hospice Care Center at Orlando Health
(407) 514-8200
52 W. Underwood St, Orlando, FL 32806

Cornerstone Hospice Care Center at Health Central
(866) 742-6655
1300 Hempel Avenue, Ocoee FL 34761

These locations offer 24-a-day clinical care in a home-like setting that allows the company of family and friends. And it is possible that this service can be offered in a nursing facility if that is your choice.

The good news is that any of the Cornerstone care centers or hospice houses will feel much different than the busyness and noise you experience in a hospital. Our staff in these settings are able to give you the needed time to answer all of your questions and help you get to the calmness you have been needing.

Remember, the Cornerstone staff here have a goal of getting everything under control so the patient can return home with a routine care plan.

At any point, feel free to ask your Cornerstone representative if the options for what we will regularly call 'inpatient care' are appropriate in your instance.